Beef NachosMexican style nachos with minced beef BDT269.00

BBQ Chicken Wings

Chicken wings glazed with bbq sauce from BDT 279.00

Fried Prawn

8pcs BDT255.00

French Fries

Deep fried potato strips from BDT 139.00

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Creamy soup infused with mushrooms BDT179.00

Hot & Sour Soup

Chinese style spicy and sour soup BDT 170.00

Thai Soup

Thai style soup with herbs and spices BDT 160.00

Cave Special Garden Salad

Chef special assorted garden salad BDT 189.00

Sea Food Salad

Prawn and assorted sea foods in salad dressing BDT 369.00

Mushroom Grilled

Grilled salted mushrooms BDT 229.00


Deep fried breaded squid BDT 189.00

Crab Meat

Marinated and grilled succulent crab meat BDT 289.00

Chicken Strips

Deep fried breaded boneless chicken strips BDT 229.00

Cashewnut Salad

Roasted cashewnuts, lettuce, capsicum, onion, sliced boneless chicken BDT 325.00

Pasta & Chowmein

The Cave Special PastaChef special pasta BDT 309.00

Chicken & Shrimp Pasta

Cheesy pasta made with chunks of chicken & shrimp BDT 319.00


Italian dish made with pasta sheet, minced meat and cheese BDT 449.00

The Cave Special Chowmein

The chef special chowmein BDT 320.00

Italiano Baked Pasta

Authentic Italian style baked pasta BDT 349.00

Beef Bologness

Pasta layered with thick beef sauce BDT 400.00

Mixed Chowmein

Stir fried egg noodles mixed with shrimp, chicken, vegetables BDT 299.00


The Cave Special PizzaChef special pizza from BDT 519.00

Sun Marco Pizza

from BDT479.00

Meat & Mushroom Pizza

Pizza made with minced meat and mushroom, covered with cheese from BDT479.00

Chicken & Steak

Sirloin SteakServed with french fries/mashed potato/sauteed vegetables BDT 679.00

Rib Eye Steak

Served with french fries/mashed potato/sauteed vegetables BDT 660.00

Chicken Supremo

Grilled chicken with special sauces BDT 389.00

T Bone Steak

Served with french fries/mashed potato/sauteed vegetables BDT 699.00

Chicken Piccata

Served with spaghetti BDT 359.00

Set Menu

Drumstick ComboMexican rice, 3 piece drumstick, egg, sauteed mushroom BDT 399.00

The Cave Special Combo

Egg fried rice, quarter BBQ chicken, vegetable BDT 325.00

Students Choice Combo

Chicken fried rice, beef chilli, hot wings BDT 249.00

Chef’s Signature

Egg fried rice,chicken,beef BDT 325.00

Cream Of Chicken

Egg fried rice,cream of chicken,veg BDT 269.00

Burger & Sandwich

Cave Special BurgerChef special burger from BDT 270.00

The Cave Special Beef Sandwich

Chef special beef sandwich BDT 299.00

Double Decker Burger

Double patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, sauce from BDT359.00

Cheese Bites Beef Sandwich

Buttered bread, beef, salad, cheese BDT 300.00

Club Sandwich

BDT 239.00